Lacrosse Hardwood Flooring
105 Webster Street
Westby, WI 54667


Who we are.

Nearly four decades ago, Midwest Hardwood began with a vision to bring superior quality Northern hardwoods to the global market. In those years, the company has grown from a spare room in Duluth, MN, to eight manufacturing centers, seven industrial distribution centers and a forestry management department. Lacrosse Hardwood Flooring is a unique, consumer-facing manufacturer within the Midwest Hardwood family.
Lacrosse Hardwood Flooring has earned a reputation as an ethical company known for delivering high quality unique flooring products. Our best ideas come from listening to our staff and partnering with our customers to solve problems that create beautiful flooring solutions.
The honest business practices and solid work ethic of founder, Mike Flynn, can be seen in the contributions of our 560 Midwest Hardwood employees. We are stewards of the forest, deeply rooted in the preservation of our natural resources and the protection of the environment. There are simply no better protectors of our natural resources than those who earn a living dependent on its health and longevity.
Through vertical integration, the Midwest Hardwood family of companies delivers quality and dependability. From managing the timberland of private land holders, to merchandizing logs into three regional sawmills, through company designed steamers and dry kilns, into our Northern hardwood flooring mill and delivered to our network of distribution partners, vertical integration is how we create value for customers like you.

Why LaCrosse?

  • Longer average lengths
  • Exceptional machining
  • Consistent Northern color
  • Robotic packaging for consistent bundle sizes
  • Dedicated Quality Assurance
  • Innovative marketing tools for distributors
  • Prompt response times
  • Available inventory for short lead times
  • Competitive pricing
  • A dedicated team of professionals who are great dancers and snappy dressers

Industry Insights

We are an industry of people greater than just loggers and flannel shirts. There are 1.7 million people directly employed in the forest products industry from planting, growing, managing, harvesting of trees and production of wood and paper products in the United States.
The forest products industry is among the top ten manufacturing employers in 42 states with an annual payroll of $54 Billion and annual sales of $200 Billion, which represents 6% of the GDP. But, if you ask many within our industry, they would say it is a "family business". This is not far off when you consider the fact that most of our industry employees have followed in their parents and grandparents footsteps; working in forestry, logging and manufacturing.