Lacrosse Hardwood Flooring
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Westby, WI 54667

$1,000,000 Investment in Quality Assurance

We are thrilled to announce the installation of our EBI Inspector Scanner is complete and performing as anticipated. Two years ago we began the process of researching scanning systems to integrate technology, optimization and quality assurance into an already high tech manufacturing center. After more than a year of research, multiple site visits to explore scanning technology and hundreds of hours of planning, CEO Mike Flynn and Division Manager Paul Ostlund agreed that the EBI Inspector Scanner offered the most comprehensive, customizable, accurate, user friendly platform for our needs. Once the contract was awarded to EBI, several months of planning and fabrication of material handling equipment began in order to support the speed and accuracy of the scanning platform.

Scanning technology is not new to the wood products industry but it is relatively new to wood flooring manufacturing. Similar in appearance to a CAT scan machine in a hospital, flooring blanks pass through the center of the scanner at 650 feet per minute. In fractions of a second, the scanner uses lasers and multiple high speed cameras to identify unwanted defects in the wood, plot the best cutting solution and apply luminescent marks that are read by our optimizing chop lines which then remove these defects.

The EBI Inspector identifies defects in wood that the human eye cannot detect. At tremendous speeds the scanner is determining value and cutting solutions by grade, but also evaluating width, thickness and machining tolerances within a 3/1,000ths of an inch. Our full-time Quality Assurance Department makes hundreds of quality measurements per shift to insure our customers are getting what they expect. With the EBI Inspector we now make thousands of measurements per minute to significantly enhance the effectiveness of our quality standards.

Historically, flooring manufacturers would check quality on a few boards per hour. Lacrosse Hardwood Flooring has maintained a culture of making hundreds of quality measurements per hour, but with the installation of the EBI Inspector, we are able to maintain every conceivable quality standard by making thousands of measurements per minute, over every minute of the production day.

We know the future of hardwood flooring manufacturing is driven by quality, consistency, product diversity and the highest utilization of natural resources, while providing daily service to our customers that exceeds their expectations. When you manufacture a product that lasts 100 years or more, we believe our quality and consistency provides value that distributors, installers, builders, decorators and home owners recognize, appreciate and demand.