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What moves 100,000 times per day and goes nowhere?

One of our 4 high speed, optimizing, defect saws that remove undesired product from hardwood flooring, just before entering our precision end-matcher.  These four saws process 500 lineal feet of wood per minute and cycle approximately 100,000 cuts per shift.  All defected wood fiber and sawdust is re-purposed for use as environmentally friendly; local animal bedding, wood fuel pellets and paper products.

WOW – That’s really fast!

High speed, precision side-matching of hardwood flooring at 400 lineal feet per minute. Our custom built, German engineered, 8 head, opposed head side-matcher with over 350 horsepower holds milling tolerances of 3/1000’s of an inch. Less deviation than the thickness of a human hair along with rock solid quality control standards insures every piece of flooring you buy from Lacrosse Hardwood Flooring is milled correctly, graded accurately and ready to be the focal point of any home.

Success at NWFA 2017 Expo Convention

Lacrosse Hardwood Flooring experienced tremendous success at the recent National Wood Flooring Association Expo Convention in Phoenix, Arizona. Our 400 square foot booth had significant traffic throughout the Expo while our staff was able to increase business with existing customers and expand our distribution network with new customers as well. Rainy River Craftsman Grade, manufactured…
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Walnut flooring is one of the most unique and beautiful floors available.  Along with its beauty comes some misunderstandings about the expectation of color and prevalence of knots and other natural characteristics. To better understand Walnut, one needs to understand how the species grows from a sapling into a harvestable tree.  As a tree matures…
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