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In recent years Rift & Quartered flooring in White Oak and Red Oak has become quite popular across North America.  Some like the calm straight grained look of the rift boards, while others prefer the active, interesting look of quartered.  One question that was asked is quite simple: Why does Rift & Quartered Flooring cost…
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What Makes Quality Flooring?

Our customers frequently ask for educational information they can use to better understand factors that influence plank and strip flooring markets. Most feel that increasing their understanding of these factors assists them in selling more flooring while making more informed purchasing decisions. There are many subtle as well as obvious factors that contribute to a…
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Understanding The Right Terminology

Several years ago while standing in the office of a flooring installer I overhead him describe #2 common flooring as “dirty” in his conversation with a homeowner interested in having a character grade floor installed in her home. Imagine the look on that home owners face as she thought about what would ultimately be an…
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Industry Insights

We are an industry of people greater than just loggers and flannel shirts. There are 1.7 million people directly employed in the forest products industry from planting, growing, managing, harvesting of trees and production of wood and paper products in the United States. The forest products industry is among the top ten manufacturing employers in…
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