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Rainy River – White Oak

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SPECIES: White Oak - A favorite throughout Europe and Asia, Northern White Oak is a truly classic species. Revered for its neutral brown to tan color tones and ability to accept a variety of stains and finishes, this species offers a warmth and classic look desired by artisans for centuries. Typically used in the manufacturing of high end furniture, wine and whisky barrel construction and exposed timber frame construction it is durable, beautiful and timeless as a hardwood flooring species.


GRADE: Rainy River Craftsman Grade – Developed by our employees in the coulee region of Wisconsin, this un-defected and un-end-matched flooring is a blank canvas for the true craftsman installer. This product is precision milled with the full spectrum of character allowing for job site creativity that brings out Mother Nature’s true beauty. Rainy River is perfect for wire brushing, edge pillowing, scraping, and distressing.


WIDTHS: 4.00" - 9.00" available
LENGTHS: 6’ to 12’ with a high percentage of 8’ to 10’ planks