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Select – Walnut



SPECIES: No other species of wood radiates a depth and richness like North American Black Walnut.  Coveted around the world, upper-Midwest Walnut has a natural deep chocolate tone and mild grain texture that enhances the elegance of every environment it graces.  Walnut speaks the language of sophistication and the Scandinavian craftsmen at Lacrosse Hardwood Flooring have perfected the art of steaming, to further enhance the rich colors of this beautiful flooring product.


GRADE: Select - A floor that is uniform in color with only slight variations in natural color provided by the forest.  Predominately free of character, with a long average length, Select & Better creates a subtle backdrop for any style or taste.


Lengths: 12” to 96” with a 36” average length across the shipment.
Scientific Name: Juglans nigra